The devel/kf6/extra-cmake-modules port

kf6-extra-cmake-modules-6.2.0p0 – CMake modules required by KDE and Qt (cvsweb github mirror)


The Extra CMake Modules package, or ECM, adds to the modules provided by CMake,
including ones used by find_package() to find common software, ones that can be
used directly in CMakeLists.txt files to perform common tasks and toolchain
files that must be specified on the commandline by the user.

In addition, it provides common build settings used in software produced by the
KDE community.

While the driving force of this module is to reduce duplication in CMake scripts
across KDE software, it is intended to be useful for any software that uses the
CMake build system.
WWW: https://projects.kde.org/projects/frameworks/extra-cmake-modules


Rafael Sadowski

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