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kcachegrind-24.05.2 – profile data visualization tool (cvsweb github mirror)


KCachegrind is a profile data visualization tool, used to determine the most
time consuming parts in the execution of a program.


 - KCachegrind visualizes profiles (i.e. runtime characteristics) of
   applications in various ways, including call graph vizualisations and
   source/disassembler annotation.
 - It can load profiles generated by the cache simulation/call tracer Calltree,
   a Valgrind tool. Thus, profiling does not need any preparation, can cope
   with shared libraries and plugin architectures, and does not influence the
   measuring itself.
 - Converter scripts for OProfile, Perl, and PHP.
 - Switching between multiple visualization layouts.
 - Call graph can be exported as image (PNG).
 - Simultaneous display of 2 event types in Call and Annotation View
WWW: https://kde.org/applications/development/org.kde.kcachegrind


Rafael Sadowski

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