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juk-23.08.4 – music collection manager and player for KDE (cvsweb github mirror)


JuK is an audio jukebox application, supporting collections of MP3, Ogg Vorbis,
and FLAC audio files. It allows you to edit the "tags" of your audio files, and
manage your collection and playlists. It's main focus, in fact, is on music

 - Collection list and multiple user defined playlists.
 - Ability to scan directories to automatically import playlists and music
   files on start up.
 - Dynamic Search Playlists that are automatically updated as fields in the
   collection change.
 - A Tree View mode where playlists are automatically generated for sets of
   albums, artists and genres.
 - Playlist history to indicate which files have been played and when
   Inline search for filtering the list of visible items.
 - The ability to guess tag information based on the track's file name.
 - File renamer that can rename files based on the tag content.
 - Tag reading and editing support for many formats including ID3v1, ID3v2 and
   Ogg Vorbis.
WWW: https://kde.org/applications/multimedia/org.kde.juk


Rafael Sadowski

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