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krita-5.2.2p1 – advanced drawing and image manipulation (cvsweb github mirror)


Krita is a raster graphics editor based on Qt 5 and the KDE Frameworks 5. Krita
is designed to be a digital painting application. It has been influenced to
some extent by software like Corel Painter and SAI. Krita packs with some key
features different from most of its kind, including the ability to work with
both bitmap and vector illustration.

Core features:

- An adaptive multi-modal interface which works on the desktop and touchscreens
- A large set of default brushes
- Customizable brush presets
- Multiple brush engines, supports pressure sensitivity, tilt and other
  features of graphics tablets
- Wrap around mode canvas for creating and visualizing seamlessly tiled
- OpenGL powered canvas with high-bit-depth monitor support
- Filters with real-time preview
- A layer engine that allows deeply nested and grouped layers
- Vector, clone, external-file and dynamic filter-effect layers
- Supports a wide range of file formats and color models
WWW: https://krita.org


Rafael Sadowski

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