The devel/kf6/kuserfeedback port

kf6-kuserfeedback-6.3.0 – KDE framework for collecting user feedback (cvsweb github mirror)


Framework for collecting feedback from application users via telemetry and
targeted surveys.

- Telemetry
  Extensible set of data sources for telemetry. Full control for the
  user on what data to contribute.

- Surveys
  Distribute surveys and offer users to participate in them.
  Survey targeting based on telemetry data. Allow the user to configure
  how often they want to participate in surveys.

- Components
  Libraries for use in applications.
  QML bindings for the above.
  A server application.
  A management and analytics application.
WWW: https://projects.kde.org/projects/frameworks/kuserfeedback


Rafael Sadowski

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