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kaddressbook-23.08.4 – addressbook viewer/frontend for KDE (cvsweb github mirror)


KAddressBook stores all the personal details of your family, friends and other
contacts. It supports large variety of services, including NextCloud, Kolab,
Google Contacts, Microsoft Exchange (EWS) or any standard CalDAV server.


 - Powerful search - KAddressBook has configurable filters and powerful search
 - Duplicate detection and merging - KAddressBook can find duplicated contacts
   from multiple sources and can merge them into a single contact.
 - Good standard support - KAddressBook can import and export from and to
   nearly every address book standard.
 - LDAP integration - Can connect to multiple LDAP servers, which can then be
   used for contact autocompletion when composing emails in KMail.
 - Integration - Integrates with other Kontact components, e.g. exporting
   birthday reminders to KOrganizer
 - QR codes - KAddressBook can display a QR code for each contact to quickly
   scan it into your phone or send to someone.
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Rafael Sadowski

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