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klettres-24.02.1 – alphabet learning application for KDE (cvsweb github mirror)


KLettres aims to help to learn the alphabet and then to read some
syllables in different languages.  It is meant to help learning the
very first sounds of a new language, for children or for adults.

Currently 25 languages are available: Arabic, Czech, Brazilian
Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, British English, English, English Phonix,
French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Kannada, Hebrew, Hindi
Romanized, Low Saxon, Luganda, Malayalam, Norwegian Bokml, Punjabi,
Spanish, Slovak, Ukrainian and Telugu, you can choose them using
the Languages menu.  A toolbar with the special characters per
language is provided if you don't have the correct country keyboard
or the keyboard layout to be able to display correctly the accented
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Rafael Sadowski

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