The devel/kf5/kiconthemes port

kiconthemes-5.116.0 – KDE icon GUI utility library (cvsweb github mirror)


This library contains classes to improve the handling of icons
in applications using the KDE Frameworks. Provided are:

- KIconDialog: Dialog class to let the user select an icon
    from the list of installed icons.
- KIconButton: Custom button class that displays an icon.
    When clicking it, the user can change it using the icon dialog.
- KIconEffect: Applies various colorization effects to icons,
    which can be used to create selected/disabled icon images.

Other classes in this repository are used internally by the icon
theme configuration dialogs, and should not be used by applications.
WWW: https://projects.kde.org/projects/frameworks/kiconthemes


Rafael Sadowski

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