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kgeotag-1.5.0 – stand-alone photo geotagging program (cvsweb github mirror)


Photos (e. g. JPEG images) contain metadata like the creation date, camera
information etc. Those are either stored in the so-called Exif header,
in an XMP sidecar file or in both. This data can also represent geographic
coordinates so that it's replicable where the images were taken.

Most cameras don't have GPS receivers, so, most can't save coordinates when
taking images. A common approach is to e. g. carry a small GPS logging device
along, which records a track all the time. Later on, the images' dates can
be compared to the GPS log's points' dates to figure out where an image
was taken.

If one knows for sure where the respective photo was taken, it's also
possible to assign coordinates to the images manually.
WWW: https://kgeotag.kde.org


Rafael Sadowski

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