The math/imath port

Imath-3.1.11p0 – C++ and python library of 2D and 3D vector & matrix (cvsweb github mirror)


Imath is a basic, light-weight, and efficient C++ representation of 2D and 3D
vectors and matrices and other simple but useful mathematical objects,
functions, and data types common in computer graphics applications, including
the "half" 16-bit floating-point type.

Imath also includes python bindings for all types and functions, including
optimized implementations of vector and matrix arrays.

* half: 16-bit floating-point type
* Vector: V2s, V2i, V2i64, V2f, V2d, V3s, V3i, V4i64, V3f, V3d, V4s, V4i, V4i64, V4f, V4d 
* Matrix: M22f, M22d, M33f, M33d, M44f, M44d 
* Bounding box: Box2s, Box2i, Box2i64, Box2f, Box2d, Box3s, Box3i, Box3i64, Box3f, Box3d
* Color: C3h, C3f, C3c, C4f, C4h, C4c 
* Euler angles: Eulerf, Eulerd
* Quaternion: Quatf, Quatd
* Viewing frustum: Frustrumf, Frustumd
* Interval: Intervals, Intervali, Intervalf, Intervald
* Line: Line3f, Line3d
* Plane: Plane3f, Plane3d
* Sphere: Sphere3f, Sphere3d
* Shear: Shear3f, Shear3d, Shear6f, Shear6
* Miscellaneous math functions
WWW: https://github.com/AcademySoftwareFoundation/Imath


Antoine Jacoutot

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