The x11/qt5/qtbase port

qtbase-5.15.13pl145 – C++ general-purpose toolkit (cvsweb github mirror)


Qt is a cross-platform toolkit for developing applications,
mainly GUI-based.

There are some user documentation files in ${QT_DOC}, but
the main documentation is in the qt5-html package.

There is also a qt5-examples package, that contains tutorial, demos
simple example programs (source + binaries).

There's a debug version of the libraries: qt5-debug.

There are database plugins: qt5-mysql, qt5-postgresql and qt5-tds.

People who want to use Qt5 to compile applications outside the ports tree
should note that Qt5's installation conforms to OpenBSD habits, not
TrollTech's recommendations. Accordingly:
- libs are separated from includes.
- moc is installed as ${PREFIX}/bin/moc-qt5, in order not to conflict
  with other Qt versions.
- uic is installed as ${PREFIX}/bin/uic-qt5

Generally, it's just a question of invoking:

  env MOC=moc-qt5 UIC=uic-qt5 configure \
	--with-qt-includes=${PREFIX}/include/X11/qt5 \

... or, to force MOC/UIC in your make/gmake invocation:

  make MOC=moc-qt5 UIC=uic-qt5

will override the Makefile contents.
WWW: https://www.qt.io/


Rafael Sadowski


qtbase-5.15.13pl145 qtbase-examples-5.15.13pl145 qt5-global-5.15.13pl145 qt5-mysql-5.15.13pl145 qt5-postgresql-5.15.13pl145 qt5-tds-5.15.13pl145

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