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Qt Remote Objects (QtRO) is an inter-process communication (IPC) module
developed for Qt. The idea is to extend existing Qt's functionalities to enable
an easy exchange of information between processes or computers.

One of the key features of Qt to enable this is the distinction between an
objects API (defined by its Q_Property, Signals and Slots) and the
implementation of that API. The purpose of QtRO is to meet the expected API,
even if the true QObject is in a different process. A Slot called on a copy of
an object (called a Replica) is forwarded to the true object (called a Source)
for handling. Updates to the Source, either property changes or emitted Signals,
are forwarded to every Replica.

This package contains actual libraries to be used by apps.
WWW: https://www.qt.io/


Rafael Sadowski


qtremoteobjects-5.15.13p0 qtremoteobjects-examples-5.15.13p0

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