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tb-browser-13.0.13 – modified version of Firefox ESR for browsing over Tor (cvsweb github mirror)


Tor Browser (TB) is a customized version of Firefox Extended Service
Release built specifically for internet browsing over the Tor
anonymity network.

TB's configuration aims to mitigate attacks on a client's anonymity,
including determining the client's actual IP address and browser
fingerprinting.  Other aspects of Firefox have also been patched
to plug privacy leaks in ways not possible any other way.

TB includes a custom Firefox add-on only meant for TB (NoScript).
This package provides merely the modified version of Firefox ESR.
Please install the tor-browser meta-package to make sure you have
everything installed correctly.

Remember that there are no perfect privacy or anonymity solutions, and
this includes TB.  As always you must pay attention and in many cases
modify your behavior to ensure your privacy online.
WWW: https://www.torproject.org


Caspar Schutijser

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aarch64 amd64


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