The net/snowflake_proxy port

snowflake_proxy-2.9.2 – anti-censorship proxy and pluggable transports for Tor (cvsweb github mirror)


Snowflake is a pluggable transport that can be used for Tor,
usually for accessing the network when a user is on a connection
with only partial internet access.

It uses WebRTC negotiations for NAT traversal to connect to mostly
short-lived volunteer proxies. These proxies can either be provided
by running a web browser extension or a standalone proxy.

Users behind restrictive access can use snowflake as a bridge,
e.g. by configuring it in Tor Browser.

Technical information is in

This package provides a standalone proxy, for those who would like to use
their internet connection to provide access to others via this protocol,
and pluggable transports for Tor to allow using snowflake proxies. 
WWW: https://snowflake.torproject.org/


Caspar Schutijser

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