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tor-browser-13.0.15 – Tor Browser meta package (cvsweb github mirror)


Tor Browser (TB) is a modified version of Mozilla's Firefox Extended
Service Release customized for web browsing over the Tor anonymity
network. In addition to obscuring the client's IP address, TB also
mitigates browser fingerprinting attacks and patches the Mozilla code
in other ways to prevent privacy leaks.

Tor Browser includes the patched version of Firefox ESR and the NoScript
Firefox add-on, a well-known add-on that allows flexible blocking
of JS.  The version in the Tor Browser ports is specifically configured
for use in Tor Browser by the Tor project and is not for use with other
Mozilla-based browsers.
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| ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To start Tor Browser:

  $ tor-browser

This will create a ~/TorBrowser-Data directory tree if it does not

Tor Browser uses its own instance of the tor server running on a
different port than the net/tor port is configured to use by default.
It starts and stops this tor daemon using the integrated tor-launcher.
It should not interfere with any tor daemon you have running via the
standard mechanism (e.g. rcctl start tor).

The tor instance used by Tor Browser stores its configuration in
~/TorBrowser-Data/Tor/torrc; the tor daemon stores state files in

As of the 12.5 release, torrc has been moved from
~/TorBrowser-Data/torrc to ~/TorBrowser-Data/Tor/torrc.
If you wish to preserve your tor configuration (e.g., bridges),
please do the following BEFORE starting tor-browser after you upgrade:

  $ mv ~/TorBrowser-Data/torrc ~/TorBrowser-Data/Tor

When you use Tor Browser to change your configuration (e.g. add
bridges) the above torrc is updated.  You can also add bridges by
editing your torrc yourself.  Make sure Tor Browser is not running
before doing so if you use this method; if Tor Browser is running it
might overwrite your torrc.

NOTE: on OpenBSD, the only Pluggable Transports that are available
for now are meek-azure, obfs4 and snowflake.  Pluggable Transports have
a web page worth reading:

For more information about Tor Browser and the Tor anonymity network
in general please visit https://www.torproject.org


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