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p5-HTML-Tree-5.07p0 – perl parser that builds an HTML tree (cvsweb github mirror)


This is a collection of modules that represent, create, and extract
information from HTML syntax trees.  These modules used to be part
of the libwww-perl distribution, but are now unbundled in order to
facilitate a separate development track.  Bug reports and discussions
about these modules can still be sent to the 
mailing list, or to .

The modules present in this collection are:

HTML::Element - represents the nodes of the HTML syntax trees.  The
elements have other elements and text segments as children. It has
methods to build, alter, and traverse the structure of the tree.

HTML::TreeBuilder - uses HTML::Parser to read HTML document text
and build from it a syntax tree made of HTML::Element nodes.

HTML::Parse - deprecated.  Now just a wrapper around HTML::TreeBuilder

HTML::AsSubs - Easy way to build an HTML syntax tree by nesting
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/HTML-Tree


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