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p5-HTML-Parser-3.81 – modules to parse and extract information from HTML (cvsweb github mirror)


This is a collection of modules that parse and extract information
from HTML documents.  Bug reports and discussions about these modules
can be sent to the  mailing list.  Remember to
also look at the HTML-Tree package that creates and extracts
information from HTML syntax trees.

The modules present in this collection are:

  HTML::Parser - The parser base class.  It receives arbitrary sized
  chunks of the HTML text, recognizes markup elements, and
  separates them from the plain text.  As different kinds of
  markup and text are recognized, the corresponding event
  handlers are invoked.

  HTML::Entities - Provides functions to encode and decode text
  with embedded HTML >entities>.

  HTML::HeadParser - A lightweight HTML::Parser subclass that
  extracts information from the  section of an HTML document.

  HTML::LinkExtor - An HTML::Parser subclass that extracts links
  from an HTML document.

  HTML::TokeParser - An alternative interface to the basic parser
  that does not require event driven programming.  Most simple
  parsing needs are probably best attacked with this module.
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/HTML-Parser


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