The print/texlive/base port

texlive_base-2023 – base binaries for TeXLive typesetting distribution (cvsweb github mirror)


TeX Live is an easy way to get up and running with TeX. It provides a
comprehensive TeX system which includes all the major TeX-related
programs, macro packages, and fonts that are free software, including
support for many languages around the world.

This package contains the binary programs required by TeXLive.
WWW: http://tug.org/texlive/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Texmf Subsets

There are a number of texmf trees in the OpenBSD packages:

  The smallest of the subsets. This is primarily for building OpenBSD
  ports (approx 275MB).

  A teTeX like tree, suitable for casual TeX users who do not need many
  extra macros or ConTeXt (approx 320MB).

  Extra macros (approx 1.1GB).

  Macros for the conTeXt typesetter (approx 15MB).

  This was separated because conTeXt maintains it's own hashes separate
  from that of libkpse. As 99% of users don't use this, these hashes are
  generated only when the conTeXt macros are installed.

  Documentation (approx 1.4GB).

  To take load off the OpenBSD mirrors this is only the documentation
  for the texmf-minimal and texmf-buildset trees. This should include
  documentation for the most popular packages.

All sizes are approximate compressed package sizes and the texmf package
contents do not overlap.

There is a *lot* of functionality in texmf-full, so before reporting
"missing" features, please try installing texmf-full first. Eg. xindy
requires texmf-full.

User Local Texmf Trees

Individual users may override or add to the TeX class and style files
supplied by TeX Live by installing them into ~/texmf. There is no need
to run mktexlsr(1) for a texmf tree in a user's $HOME. You can test the
installation by searching for the files using kpsewhich(1). Eg:

% find $HOME/texmf
% kpsewhich acronym.sty

Other Misc. Notes

Beta-testing Binaries

TeX Live now includes binaries suffixed with `-dev` (e.g. pdflatex-dev). These
are beta versions of the typesetters, included in the distribution to encourage



The 'tlmgr' script is disabled in the OpenBSD package. If you were to use
tlmgr to alter/update your texmf, the package tools would become rather upset.

Soft Dependencies

Some requirements of TeX Live were not included as dependencies to make the
package less bloated for people who don't need those features.

As far as I know:

 * asymptote is in ports: graphics/asymptote
 * TeX Works is editors/texworks
 * latexmk is textproc/latexmk
 * textproc/py-pygments is required for the minted package.
 * converters/unix2dos is needed for installfont-tl script
 * x11/tk/${MODTK_VERSION} is needed for epspdftk
 * lang/ruby/${MODRUBY_LIBREV} is needed for convbkmk, epspdf, and
   other stuff.
 * Some scripts need bash.

If you know more, please mail the package maintainer.

Notes for Developers

 * If you have a port which needs TeX stuff at build time, then it should
   BUILD_DEPENDS upon texlive_base which in turn will pull in

 * If the buildset is missing something that your port needs to build, then
   you can depend temporarily upon texlive_texmf-minimal or texlive_texmf-full.
   If you have to do this, please send an email to MAINTAINER so that we can
   have the support you need added to the buildset texmf.

 * If a non-texlive port installs texmf files then they should be installed
   into share/texmf-local, NOT share/texmf or share/texmf-dist.

ConTeXt Broken

I was unable to get the new ConTeXt with LuaMetaTeX working on OpenBSD.

After trying to debug it myself with no joy, I tried asking upstream, but got
no reponse:

  - https://www.mail-archive.com/ntg-context@ntg.nl/msg105219.html
  - https://github.com/contextgarden/luametatex/issues/7

Note to devs: if fixing context, please regen the pregen tarball after these
steps: https://texdoc.org/serve/tiptrick.pdf/0

Have fun TeXing.


Edd Barrett


texlive_base-2023 texlive_mktexlsr-2023 texlive_synctex-2023

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