The mail/kopano/core port

kopano-core-11.0.2p8v0 – MS Exchange groupware suite replacement (cvsweb github mirror)


Kopano Core provides the foundation for groupware messaging enabling clients
such as Kopano WebApp, Kopano DeskApp, mobile and sync clients. With its
modular architecture, Kopano Core enables the possibility for a variety of
setup scenarios, scalable from a very low-powered system to a multi-datacenter
setup providing messaging capabilities to tens of thousands of users.
WWW: https://kopano.io/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

*** Upgrading users: refer to kopano documentation on the web to check
*** if any particular step is required after upgrading to a new version.

Zarafa -> Kopano migration upgrade

See https://documentation.kopano.io/kopano_migration_manual/zcp_migration.html

With the installation of Kopano Core, the Kopano default configuration
directory /etc/kopano is created.

There are now 2 approaches in adapting configuration to Kopano:

a) making a diff of the configuration files from /etc/zarafa to /etc/kopano,
   effectively migrating only the wanted configuration directives to Kopano
b) removing the per-default installed configuration files from Kopano,
   copying the existing Zarafa configuration files and making smaller changes
   to it

The database and attachments are drop-in-replacement safe,
meaning that the database can be used in its existing format. 

Post-install/update instructions for Kopano

By default the server is configured to accept SOAP connections on port
236. If you wish to connect Outlook clients on port 80, please setup
your web server to proxy HTTP requests with URI=/kopano to

It is advised to tune the MySQL installation according to:
(especially for max_allowed_packet)

Before Starting kopano-server for the first time
A MySQL datatabase access needs to be configured in

After kopano-server was started for the first time
Creating the public store.
    # ${TRUEPREFIX}/sbin/kopano-admin -s

Adding an admin user -- see kopano-admin(1).
    # ${TRUEPREFIX}/sbin/kopano-admin -c zadmin -p secret \
        -e kopano.admin@domain.tld -f "John Doe" -a 2

Mail delivery agent configuration

See the following URL for other MTA integration:

Alternatively add the following .forward file under the user(s) home
directory that will use Kopano:
"|${TRUEPREFIX}/sbin/kopano-dagent "

You can automate this step by copying
The .forward will be automatically generated when a new user is added to

Kopano webaccess

Kopano Webaccess is obsolete and has been removed. Please
use kopano-webapp.

Documentation and help

Each kopano-* command has its corresponding manpage.

Some documentation is also available at:


Robert Nagy


kopano-core-11.0.2p8v0 kopano-mapi-11.0.2p6v0

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