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texworks-0.6.8p0v0 – easy to use LaTeX and ConTeXt editor (cvsweb github mirror)


The TeXworks project is an effort to build a simple TeX front-end
program (working environment) that will be available for all today's
major desktop operating systems-in particular, MS Windows (XP and
Vista), typical GNU/Linux distros and other X11-based systems, and Mac
OS X. It is deliberately modeled on Dick Koch's award-winning TeXShop
for Mac OS X, which is credited with a resurgence of TeX usage on the
Mac platform.
WWW: http://www.tug.org/texworks/


Edd Barrett


texworks-0.6.8p0v0 texworks-lua-0.6.8p0v0 texworks-python-0.6.8p0v0

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