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qt6-qtwebchannel-6.6.3 – Qt6 seamless HTML/JavaScript integration (cvsweb github mirror)


Qt WebChannel bridges the gap between Qt applications and HTML/JavaScript.

Qt WebChannel enables peer-to-peer communication between the host
(QML/C++ application) and the client (HTML/JavaScript application). The
transport mechanism is supported out of the box by the two popular web
engines, Qt WebKit 2 and Qt WebEngine (experimental). It works on all
browsers that support Qt WebSockets, enabling Qt WebChannel applications
to run in any JavaScript runtime. Additionally, a custom transport
mechanism can also be implemented using Qt WebSockets to support Qt
WebChannel-based communication.

The module provides a JavaScript library for seamless integration of C++
and QML applications with HTML/JavaScript clients. The client must use the
JavaScript library to access the serialized QObjects published by the host
WWW: https://www.qt.io/


Rafael Sadowski

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