The devel/gwenhywfar port

gwenhywfar-5.10.1p0 – helper library for networking and security applications (cvsweb github mirror)


Gwenhywfar is a multi-platform (*BSD, Linux, MS-Win, etc.)
helper library for networking and security applications and libraries.
It is used by various 'finance' software, and possibly others.

Gwenhywfar includes the following features, among several others:
- OS abstraction functions for directory and Internet address handling
  and library loading (src/os/)
- Networking functions which allow managing many connections to be used
  economically even in single threaded applications
- High-level functions for parsing files with a simplified "XML-like"
  format and accessing them like a hierarchical database (src/parser/)
  It is able to process valid XML files, too.
- High-level cryptographic functions on top of OpenSSL functionality
WWW: https://www.aquamaniac.de


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