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xfce-4.16p0 – Xfce desktop meta-package (base installation) (cvsweb github mirror)


The Xfce Desktop Environment, base installation. Contains core Xfce plus:
 * theme packages
 * a terminal (xfce4-terminal)
 * a calendar (orage)
 * an image viewer (ristretto)
 * a text editor (mousepad)
 * a sound mixer (xfce4-mixer)
 * a thumbnailer service used by thunar (tumbler)
 * an application finder (xfce4-appfinder)
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| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

The Xfce desktop is composed of 2 meta-packages:
    * xfce, for a base Xfce installation
    * xfce-extras, for a full Xfce installation.

Xfce desktop environment is launched through the 'startxfce4' script.
Simply add '${LOCALBASE}/bin/startxfce4' to your .xinitrc/.xsession
script if you use startx, xenodm or slim.
If you use gdm or kdm, have a look at An xfce4.desktop file is
provided for use by gdm.

Logging out and shutting down the computer
If your installation supports complete shutdown, clicking on the logout
button on panel will permit you to either logout, rebooting or halt
the computer.

If your user is part of the operator group (and thus can execute
/sbin/shutdown), you should be able to shutdown/logout without further
Otherwise, halting and rebooting require consolekit2 and polkit: you'll need to
run a systemwide D-BUS service (enable messagebus using rcctl) and pass
--with-ck-launch argument to startxfce4.

If you run a systemwide D-BUS service, have consolekit2/polkit installed and
don't use --with-ck-launch you will not be able to shutdown/reboot.

Screen compositor
If you're using the modesetting X driver and experience window flickering when
the compositor is enabled, you should force the window manager to use the
XPresent method for vblank:

$xfwm4 --vblank=xpresent --replace &

This is documented upstream at

Power management
If you use Xfce on a laptop, you can install xfce4-power-manager
package, which will provide battery levels/information, and will allow
to configure actions upon low battery level or AC plugging. For proper
function, it requires messagebus and upowerd running. If using consolekit2 and
polkit, it will also allow you to suspend the laptop from the logout dialog.

Screensaver management
xflock4 can make use of xfce4-screensaver, xscreensaver or gnome-screensaver.
If installed, a 'Screensaver' icon will appear in settings manager/menu.
Otherwise, xflock4 defaults to call xlock.

Thunar file manager tips
If you want to browse samba shares using GVfs, you'll need to install
gvfs-smb package. You can also try gigolo package, which is a GUI to
configure GVfs mounts.

Terminal, special characters and localized applications
If you use a particular non-ascii encoding and have problems seeing special
characters in terminal (like accentued characters in french), you should
properly configure the default encoding in terminal properties.

Similarly, if you want localized graphical applications, add this line
to your .xinitrc/.xsession before startxfce4:

export LC_MESSAGES=fr_FR.UTF-8

where 'fr_FR' is your language tag.
See for more information
on that topic.

More generally, and
are the best resources for user-level documentation.


Landry Breuil


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