The mail/p5-Mail-DMARC-Iterator port

p5-Mail-DMARC-Iterator-0.013p1 – iterative DMARC validation for mails (cvsweb github)


This module can be used to validate mails against DMARC policies
like specified in RFC 7208.  The main difference to Mail::DMARC is
that it does no blocking operations.  Instead it implements a state
machine where user input is fed into and instructions what the
machine wants is returned.  The state machine only wants the data
from the mail and the result of specific DNS lookups.  With each
new data fed into the machine it will provide new information what
it needs next, until it finally has enough input and returns the
final result.  Because of this design the DMARC policy validation
can be easily integrated into event-driven programs or coupled with
a specific DNS resolver.


Alexander Bluhm


mail perl5

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