The mail/p5-Mail-DKIM-Iterator port

p5-Mail-DKIM-Iterator-1.009 – iterative DKIM validation of records or signing of mails (source)


With this module one can validate DKIM Signatures in mails and also
create DKIM signatures for mails.

The main difference to Mail::DKIM is that the validation can be
done iterative, that is the mail can be streamed into the object
and if DNS lookups are necessary their results can be added to the
DKIM object asynchronously. There are no blocking operation or
waiting for input, everything is directly driven by the user/application
feeding the DKIM object with data.

This module implements only DKIM according to RFC 6376. It does not
support the historic DomainKeys standard (RFC 4870).


Alexander Bluhm


mail perl5

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