The mail/opensmtpd-filters/spfgreylist port

opensmtpd-filter-spfgreylist-1.0.0 – SPF-aware greylisting filter for the OpenSMTPD daemon (cvsweb github mirror)


This filter implements greylisting, allowing OpenSMTPD to temporarily
reject sessions of clients it has not seen before. Unlike many
implementations, this one is SPF-aware so it will properly handle
greylisting for domains doing relaying through multiple MX, as long as
they publish a valid SPF record.

The filter currently supports:

* IPv4 and IPv6 address greylisting
* SPF greylisting
* startup whitelisting of IP and domains
* automatically renewed whitelisting
WWW: https://github.com/poolpOrg/filter-spfgreylist


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

The filter itself requires no configuration.

It must be declared in smtpd.conf and attached to a listener for
sessions to go through greylisting:

  filter "greylist" proc-exec "filter-spfgreylist"

  listen on all filter "greylist"

It is possible to tweak the greylisting parameters, here listed with
default values in seconds:

* -passtime 300 accept greylisting retries only after 5 minutes from
  initial attempt
* -greyexp 14400 expire greylisting attempts after 4 hours without a
* -whiteexp 2592000 expire whitelisting after 30 days without any
  attempt at delivery

It is also possible to inject IP and domains in the whitelists at
startup to avoid greylisting:

* -wl-ip  inject IP addresses listed, one per line, in the
  parameter file to the whitelist
* -wl-domain  inject domains listed, one per line, in the
  parameter file to the whitelist


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