The lang/jimtcl port

jimtcl-0.77pl2 – small footprint implementation of Tcl (cvsweb github)


Jim is a small footprint implementation of the Tcl programming language
written from scratch. Currently Jim Tcl is very feature complete with an
extensive test suite. There are some Tcl commands and features which are
not implemented (and likely never will be), including namespaces, traces
and Tk. However Jim Tcl offers a number of both Tcl8.5 and Tcl8.6
features ({*}, dict, lassign, tailcall and optional UTF-8 support) and
some unique features. These unique features include [lambda] with
garbage collection, a general GC/references system, arrays as syntax
sugar for [dict]tionaries, object-based I/O and more.


Stuart Cassoff


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