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openjk- – open source reimplementation of Jedi Academy game (cvsweb github mirror)


OpenJK is an effort by the JACoders group to maintain and improve the
game engines on which the Jedi Academy (JA) and Jedi Outcast (JO) games
run on, while maintaining full backwards compatibility with the
existing games. This project does not attempt to rebalance or otherwise
modify core gameplay.

Our aims are to:
* Improve the stability of the engine by fixing bugs and improving
* Provide a clean base from which new JO and JA code modifications can
  be made.
WWW: https://openjk.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

OpenJK requires the original game files from Star Wars: Jedi Knight:
Jedi Academy to work properly.  These can come from an original CD or
from GOG.com.

If using the GOG.com version, you must extract the files from
using the innoextract package.

The files will be in a directory named app. Inside the app directory,
there is a GameData directory. Inside the GameData directory, there is
a directory named base. This base directory must be moved to

The easiest way to do this is to follow these steps:
$ mkdir -p ~/.local/share/openjk
$ innoextract setup_star_wars_jedi_knight_-_jedi_academy_1.01_(a)_(10331).exe
$ cd app/GameData
$ cp -R base ~/.local/share/openjk

You can then delete everything else that is extracted from the exe,
such as the tmp directory.

The multiplayer game binary is jamp and the single player game binary
is jasp.

If you own a copy of Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, its game
files may be used to play that game, though upstream makes no
guarantees on your success in playing this game.


Brian Callahan

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