The editors/xemacs21/stable port

xemacs-21.4.22p36 – heavily customizable and extensible editor (cvsweb github mirror)


XEmacs is a powerful, extensible text editor with full GUI support. It
provides a great number of new features.  More details on XEmacs's
functionality, can be obtained through the info on-line information

Every major functionality of XEmacs is a separate module, a complete set
of theses modules is bundled in the "xemacs21-sumo" package.

	* mule 		- MUlti-Lingual Emacs
	* wnn 		- input method (needs mule)
	* canna 	- another input method (needs mule)
	* no_x11	- disable X11 support
WWW: http://www.xemacs.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Installing modules
XEmacs is pretty useless as-is.  It is just an engine.
You need to install modules to provide your users full functionality.
There are two methods to achieve this:

  1) Install the xemacs21-sumo package.  It contains all the 
     modules currently supported by the XEmacs team. It's fast, easy
     and your users won't ever bother you again about this. On the
     other hand the package is quite huge.

  2) You have to install by hand every XEmacs' modules as described
     in the XEmacs documentation. (Search for "packages" in the info
     tree.) There are a lot of interdependencies between XEmacs' modules
     and you may end up with everything installed just as method 1)
     would have (without the hassle).

Note: XEmacs modules are named "packages" by the XEmacs team, the term
      "module" is used here just to limit possible confusion with
      OpenBSD packages.


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