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groff-1.22.4p4 – GNU troff typesetter (cvsweb github mirror)


GNU troff (Groff) is the GNU reimplementation of the traditional
general-purpose UNIX typesetting system, roff.

The groff distribution includes:
 * various macro packages including man, mdoc, ms, me, mm, and mom;
 * postprocessors for various output devices, including character
   terminals, X terminals, PostScript, HTML and XHTML, and TeX DVI;
 * and many utility programs.
WWW: https://www.gnu.org/software/groff/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Even though roff is a general-purpose typesetting system, the OpenBSD
groff port is focussed on formatting ports(7) manuals that mandoc(1)
is unable to handle.  To make groff output as similar as possible to
mandoc output, the following two groff features have been disabled by
default: adjustment of text to the right margin and hyphenation.

If you want to use groff for serious typesetting work and need these
features, please set up your own troff(1) configuration file:

  mkdir ~/.tmac
  cp ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/groff/current/tmac/troffrc ~/.tmac/
  export GROFF_TMAC_PATH=~/.tmac

In your new troffrc file, uncomment these two lines to enable

.do hpf hyphen.us
.do hpfa hyphenex.us

Delete these three lines to enable the roff `ad' request, such that
documents can adjust text to the right margin:

.ad l
.de ad

To suit the taste of OpenBSD developers, two mdoc(7) formatting
details have been changed with respect to the upstream distribution:

 * Title lines use an n-dash, not an m-dash between the manual page
   name and the manual page description.

 * The .Pa macro always produces emphasized text,
   even in the FILES section.


Ingo Schwarze

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