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Recoll is a full text search application, which means that it finds your
data by content rather than by external attributes (like the file name).
You specify words (terms) which should or should not appear in the text
you are looking for, and receive in return a list of matching documents,
ordered so that the most relevant documents will appear first.

You do not need to remember in what file or email message you stored a
given piece of information. You just ask for related terms, and the tool
will return a list of documents where these terms are prominent, in a
similar way to Internet search engines.

Full text search applications try to determine which documents are
most relevant to the search terms you provide. Computer algorithms for
determining relevance can be very complex, and in general are inferior
to the power of the human mind to rapidly determine relevance. The
quality of relevance guessing is probably the most important aspect
when evaluating a search application. Recoll relies on the Xapian
probabilistic information retrieval library to determine relevance.

This package contains the indexer and command-line tool. The Qt-based
graphical interface is in the "recoll-gui" package.
WWW: https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/recoll/


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