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This package contains the IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (POSIX.1) manual
pages including the corrections contained in the first Technical
Corrigendum, IEEE Std 1003.1-2008/Cor 1-2013. It include manuals
for utilities in section 1, and for functions and headers in
section 3.
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| Using ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Because the manuals contained in this package do not match any real software
installed, they are not installed into directories that man(1) searches by
default. Consider adding something like this to your shell startup file:

  alias pman='man -M ${DOCDIR}/man'
  alias papropos='apropos -M ${DOCDIR}/man'
  alias pwhatis='whatis -M ${DOCDIR}/man'

Then you can call it like usual "man" command:

  papropos pthread
  pman 3 chmod
  pwhatis ldds

Because manual page handling tools do not support section 0, header
documentation is installed into section 3.

Source package is installed to ${DOCDIR}, too,
to satisfy the license requirements, see the POSIX-COPYRIGHT file there.


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