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tomcat-10.1.24 – Java servlet 5.0 and Java server pages 3.0 server (cvsweb github mirror)


Tomcat 10 is a Servlet/JSP container that implements the Servlet 5.0
and JavaServer Pages 3.0 specifications from the Java Community
Process. Tomcat includes many additional features that make it a
useful platform for developing and deploying web applications and
web services.  Tomcat can be run as a standalone web server with
Servlet and JSP support, or using Apache HTTP Server as its web
server via the mod_jk Apache module (the www/mod_jk package).
WWW: https://tomcat.apache.org/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

The tomcat package does not install the example webapps and
documentation.  You must supply your own webapps and configuration or
install the tomcat-examples package for the example webapps and
documentation. Sample config files for the host-manager and manager
webapps can be found in ${TRUEPREFIX}/share/examples/tomcat.

The tomcat-examples package includes the examples, full documentation
and the localhost config files for the host-manager and manager webapps.

The packages are structured this way to facilitate maintaining a server
which normally would not contain the examples and documentation webapp.

Tomcat on OpenBSD uses the `${SYSCONFDIR}/tomcat' directory for its
configuration files. `$CATALINA_BASE' is `${CATALINA_BASE}'. All files
contained within these directories should be owned by the _tomcat user.

If you want Tomcat to serve on privileged ports (e.g. 80), redirect all
tcp traffic to port 80 to Tomcat's default listener port 8080 using a
pf.conf(5) rule like:

   pass in quick on $NIC proto tcp to port 80 rdr-to port 8080

or use relayd(8) to forward the connection.

If you are upgrading and use database drivers, don't forget to copy them
into ${TRUEPREFIX}/tomcat/lib. You must also delete any work files in
`${CATALINA_BASE}/work' unless you are reinstalling the same full
version of Tomcat. When upgrading from older major versions of Tomcat,
config files in ${SYSCONFDIR}/tomcat should be updated as well.


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