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podofo-0.9.8p0 – library and tools to modify and parse PDF documents (cvsweb github mirror)


PoDoFo is a free portable C++ library which includes classes to parse a PDF
file and modify its contents into memory. The changes can be written back to
disk easily. PoDoFo is designed to avoid loading large PDF objects into
memory until they are required and can write large streams immediately to
disk, so it is possible to manipulate quite large files with it.

Besides PDF parsing and writing PoDoFo includes also very simple classes
to create your own PDF files.

PoDoFo is primarily useful for applications that wish to do lower level
manipulation of PDF, such as extracting content or merging files. It's also
useful if your application has specific requirements for its PDF output that
more general output-oriented libraries like Cairo cannot satisfy.

Simple tools tuild around the PoDoFo library are also included. They are
primarily examples on how to use the PoDoFo library in your own projects,
but also offer some features for working with PDF files.
WWW: https://podofo.sourceforge.net/


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