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puppetserver-8.6.0p0 – Puppet server (cvsweb github mirror)


Puppet is configured in an agent-server architecture, in which a primary
server node manages the configuration information for a fleet of agent
nodes. Puppet Server acts as the primary server node. Puppet Server is a
Ruby and Clojure application that runs on the Java Virtual Machine
(JVM). Puppet Server runs Ruby code for compiling Puppet catalogs and
for serving files in several JRuby interpreters. It also provides a
certificate authority through Clojure.
WWW: https://puppet.com/docs/puppet/8/server/about_server.html


Puppetserver on OpenBSD

Usually on other operating systems, Puppetserver is bundled
together with the Puppet agent, including an independent Ruby interpreter.
Due to incompatibilities between the JRuby bundled with Puppetserver,
and a few Ruby gems relying on the system Ruby, the
dependencies usually bundled with Puppetserver have to be installed
manually into Puppetserver:

To install these Ruby gems into Puppetserver:
# puppetserver gem install --no-document puppet hiera-eyaml \
	hiera ipaddress msgpack facter

You may not need hiera-eyaml, or ipaddress gem, on the
other hand, your Puppet modules might rely on other gems.

If you're using PuppetDB, you have to copy over the PuppetDB termini
into Puppetservers Puppet lib directory:

cp -r ${LOCALBASE}/share/puppetlabs/puppet/puppet/ \


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