The sysutils/direnv port

direnv-2.26.0p0 – tool for managing environment based on current directory (cvsweb github mirror)


direnv is an extension for POSIX shells that adds the ability to modify
the environment based on the current working directory.

Before each prompt, direnv checks for the existence of .envrc in the
current and parent directories. If the file exists, and is authorized,
it is loaded into a bash sub-shell and all exported variables are then
captured by direnv and made available to the current shell.

This allows for project specific environment variables to be defined
without cluttering .profile.

Supports common shells such as bash, zsh, fish, tcsh, elvish.
WWW: https://direnv.net


Ashton Fagg

Only for arches

aarch64 amd64 arm armv7 i386 mips64 riscv64


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