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cups-filters-2.0.0p0 – OpenPrinting CUPS filters (cvsweb github mirror)


This package provides additional CUPS filters which are not provided by
the CUPS project itself. This includes filters for a PDF based printing
WWW: https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/openprinting/cups-filters


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Bonjour broadcasts of shared, remote printers

The cups-browsed(8) daemon can be used to browse Bonjour (mDNS) broadcasts of
remote printers and create/remove local raw queues pointing to these printers.
This requires the cups-browsed and avahi packages to be installed and the
messagebus and avahi-daemon(8) to be running first.
To start it at boot time, the rc.conf.local(8) pkg_scripts line can be edited as

    pkg_scripts=[...] messagebus avahi_daemon cups_browsed [...]

Using direct printing with foomatic-rip(1)

The Foomatic framework supports direct printing which does not rely on CUPS (nor
any spooler).

Complete documentation can be found at:

Foomatic configuration
A specific PPD file has to be created for the printer.
Refer to the documentation that comes with the foomatic-db-engine package to
learn how to generate PPD files
(cf. ${LOCALBASE}/share/doc/pkg-readmes/foomatic-db-engine).

# mkdir -p ${SYSCONFDIR}/foomatic/direct
# foomatic-ppdfile -p 'Samsung-ML-2850D' -d 'Postscript' \

Alternatively, you can look under ${LOCALBASE}/share/foomatic/db/source/PPD for
existing PPD files matching your printer (in which case the PPD file can be
copied and/or gunzip'd under ${SYSCONFDIR}/foomatic/direct).

PPD file configuration
For a TCP/Socket/JetDirect printer listening on port and
supporting raw printing (does *not* work with LPD), add the following line near
the top of ${SYSCONFDIR}/foomatic/direct/samsung-ml2850d.ppd:
*FoomaticRIPPostPipe: "| /usr/bin/nc -w 1 9100"

More examples are available in the official documentation (see link above).

You should now be able to send jobs to this printer by running:
    $ ${PREFIX}/bin/foomatic-rip -q -P samsung-ml2850d /path/to/file.ps

Input filter script
Files must be converted before being sent to foomatic-rip(1).
Depending on your printer capabilities, it can accept PS and/or PDF input.

Several packages can be used for convertion, a2ps being the most complete.
Note that a2ps(1) requires external helper tools for converting files.
They can be configured under ${SYSCONFDIR}/a2ps{,-site}.cfg.
By default, converting images requires the ImageMagick package.

Here's a sample converter script:


${LOCALBASE}/bin/a2ps -BRq --columns=1 -o - | \
	${PREFIX}/bin/foomatic-rip -q -P samsung-ml2850d

Tips: you can symlink this script to "lpr" to ease out-of-the-box printing for
applications supporting lpr(1) printing.

If your printer uses PDF printing, you can pipe a2ps to ps2pdf (from the
ghostscript package).

Additional options can be passed to foomatic-rip(1).
- to print in duplex mode: -o duplex
- to set the page size to letter: -o pagesize=letter

Default options can be set by editing the PPD file.


Antoine Jacoutot

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