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net-snmp-5.9.4 – extendable SNMP implementation (cvsweb github mirror)


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a widely used protocol for
monitoring health and statistics of many types of equipment (e.g. routers,
computers, printers, power systems, environmental monitors, etc).
Net-SNMP provides a library, daemons and utilities:

- snmpd responds to SNMP queries. It has built-in support for a wide
range of information, and can be extended. Not to be confused with the
SNMP daemon in the OpenBSD base OS which is recommended in most cases.
Manuals are netsnmp-snmpd(8) and netsnmp-snmpd.conf(5) to avoid conflict.

- snmptrapd receives notifications from devices (TRAP and INFORM).
It can log, run external handlers, or forward over the network.

- tools for standard queries (snmpget*, snmpwalk, snmpbulk*), writes
(snmpset), and sending notifications (snmpinform, snmptrap).

- tools with special output types; snmpdelta displays differences over
time, snmptable collates information from SNMP tables (e.g. ifTable),
and there are single-purpose tools like snmpstatus, snmpdf, snmpps,
snmptop, snmpnetstat. checkbandwidth provides a Nagios-compatible
checker (and requires p5-JSON and p5-Mail-Sender to be installed).

- snmptranslate converts between numerical and textual forms of MIB OIDs,
and displays MIB content and structure.

	readonly - removes all SET support from the code.
WWW: http://www.net-snmp.org/


Stuart Henderson


net-snmp-5.9.4 net-snmp-tkmib-5.9.4


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