The net/mautrix-whatsapp port

mautrix-whatsapp-0.10.7v0 – matrix-WhatsApp puppeting bridge (cvsweb github mirror)


mautrix-whatsassp is a Matrix-WhatsApp puppeting bridge
based the Rhymen/go-whatsapp implementation of the
sigalor/whatsapp-web-reveng project.
WWW: https://github.com/tulir/mautrix-whatsapp


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD


To be able to run ${PKGSTEM}, you will need the following things:
- a Matrix homeserver that supports application services (e.g. synapse)
- a WhatsApp client running on a phone or in an emulated Android VM.

Configuring ${PKGSTEM}

Copy example-config.yaml to config.yaml
Update the config to your liking.

You need to make sure that the address and domain field point to your homeserver
You will also need to add your user of admin user under the permissions section.

Generate the appservice registration file by running ${PKGSTEM} -g

You can use the -c and -r flags to change the location of the config and
registration files. They default to config.yaml and registration.yaml in

Add the path to the registration file to your synapse homeserver.yaml under
app_service_config_files. You will then need to restart the synapse server.
Remember to restart it every time the registration file is regenerated.


Renaud Allard

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aarch64 amd64 arm i386 riscv64


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