The multimedia/lebiniou port

lebiniou-3.66.0 – music visualization & VJing tool (cvsweb github mirror)


Le Biniou is open-source, user-friendly, powerful music visualization
& VJing tool.

Are you an artist, composer, or VJ ? Create live visuals based on your
audio performances or existing tracks.

As a music fan, watch an everlasting, mesmerizing and totally unseen
creation reacting to the music.

- Rendering and Output
  - Work with any number of plugins/layers at a time
  - Display your final output fullscreen across a dedicated window
  - Record any video stream directly to disk as MP4
  - Capture any video image directly to disk as PNG
  - Broadcast video streams as RTMP or HLS, or to a V4L2 loopback

- Visual Effects
  - 100+ total plugins
  - 40+ plugins reacting to sound
  - Quickly save and restore effects presets
  - Possibilility to select favorite plugins
  - Mixing and Composition
  - Per layer pixel operations
  - Band-pass filter to apply 'green screen' transparency effect for
    e.g. videos or webcams
  - Built-in preview window

- Media Playback
  - Play any video type supported by FFmpeg
  - Video rescaling using Libswscale

- Supported Media Types
  - All image types supported by Image Magick
  - Live cameras

- Connectivity and Automation
  - REST API and WebSocket communications powered by Ulfius
WWW: https://biniou.net/


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