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ccextractor-0.56p3 – closed caption subtitles extractor (cvsweb github mirror)


Closed captions are TV subtitles that you can turn on and off. The
term Closed Captions refer to TV subtitles in NTSC, such as the US
or Canada. In Europe Teletext (usually page 888) is used for

CCExtractor supports only American TV captions. It will not work
with European or Australian subtitles.

Basically, it can extract closed captions from an mpeg stream (such as
a DVD) and produce srt files with both the subtitles and timing information.

Note that closed captions sometimes are ALL CAPS, so further processing might
be needed.

In the simplest case, mplayer -subcc can tell you if closed captions exist.
Then use mplayer -dumpstream to dump the full video stream, and ccextractor
on the resulting file to get the subtitles (for instance).
WWW: https://ccextractor.sourceforge.net/


Marc Espie

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