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rss2email-3.10p0 – convert RSS/Atom newsfeeds to email (source)


rss2email is a simple program which you can run in your crontab. It
watches RSS feeds and sends you nicely formatted email messages for
each new item.

rss2email was started by Aaron Swartz and is currently maintained by
by the community at


$OpenBSD: README,v 1.1 2019/09/11 00:15:43 sthen Exp $

| Running ${FULLPKGNAME} on OpenBSD

Migrating from rss2email 2
rss2email 3 uses a different config and data format from previous versions.

Hopefully you read the OpenBSD upgrade instructions before updating the
package and have saved the old feed list with "r2e opmlexport > ~/r2e.opml".
Also save the output of "r2e list" if you have any feeds sending to a
non-default email address.

After updating, create a new feed database, set the default email address
and import saved feeds:

    r2e new
    r2e email
    cat ~/r2e.opml | r2e opmlimport

For any feeds with a non-default email address, delete and re-add with the
correct address. Adjust other config in ~/.config/rss2email.cfg as needed
based on the old settings in ~/.rss2email/

The "last read" information is not transferred. If you don't want to re-send
old messages (and don't mind missing any new messages since the last run with
the old version), you can skip sending mail for the first run:

    r2e run --no-send

Alternatively use "r2e run" as usual if you want to be sure to avoid missing

The new feed data is stored in ~/.local/share/rss2email.json.


Kaashif Hymabaccus


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