The mail/opensmtpd-filters/senderscore port

opensmtpd-filter-senderscore-0.1.1 – SenderScore integration to the OpenSMTPD daemon (source)


filter-senderscore is an opensmtpd filter that performs a DNS
lookup in the SenderScore registry to determine reputation of
an IP address and allow reputation-based blocking, junking or
delaying of sessions.


$OpenBSD: README,v 1.1 2019/09/04 12:27:42 martijn Exp $

| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To use filter-senderscore, you must declare it in smtpd.

Edit the /etc/mail/smtpd.conf file to declare the filter:

  filter "senderscore" \
  	 proc-exec "${PREFIX}/libexec/smtpd/filter-senderscore [...]"

The following options may be passed to filter-senderscore:

-blockBelow 10
block at banner sessions score below 10

-junkBelow 70
add X-Spam header to sessions below 70

-slowFactor 1000
delay by up to 1000 ms (proportionally to reputation) each reply

Then add the filter to each listener that should be filtered:

  listen on socket filter "senderscore"
  listen on all filter "senderscore"


Gilles Chehade

Only for arches

aarch64 amd64 arm arm64 armv7 i386


lang/go mail

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