The geo/spatialite/tools port

spatialite-tools-5.1.0pl0p0 – CLI tools for spatialite (cvsweb github mirror)


 spatialite-tools is a collection of open source Command Line Interface
(CLI) tools supporting SpatiaLite.

* spatialite: a complete CLI front-end, more or less equivalent to the
  well known sqlite3 front-end, but fully supporting SpatiaLite
* spatialite_tool: a tool supporting import/export of Shapefiles and
* shp_doctor: a diagnostic tool to check anomalous shapefiles
* exif_loader: an import tool for EXIF or EXIF-GPS (JPEG) pictures
* spatialite_osm_raw: a tool importing OSM files (raw format tables,
  strictly corresponding to XML input)
* spatialite_osm_filter: a tool allowing to re-export spatially
  selected OSM files form a raw-format DB
* spatialite_osm_map: a tool importing map layers from an OSM file
* spatialite_osm_net: a tool creating a road network from an OSM file
* spatialite_network: a tool creating a VirtualNetwork (supporting
  shortest path / routing SQL queries)
* spatialite_gml: a tool importing GML files
WWW: https://www.gaia-gis.it/fossil/spatialite-tools/index


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