The geo/libosmium port

libosmium-2.20.0p0 – fast, flexible library for working with OpenStreetMap data (cvsweb github mirror)


Osmium is a fast and flexible C++ library for working with OpenStreetMap data.

The Osmium library has extensive support for all types of OSM entities:
nodes, ways, relations, and changesets. It allows reading from and writing
to OSM files in XML and PBF formats, including change files and full history
files. Osmium can store OSM data in memory and on disk in various formats
and using various indexes. Its easy to use handler interface allows you to
quickly write data filtering and conversion functions. Osmium can create
WKT, WKB, OGR, GEOS and GeoJSON geometries for easy conversion into many GIS
formats and it can assemble multipolygons from ways and relations.
WWW: https://osmcode.org/libosmium/


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