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recoil-rts- – real-time strategy game engine for Beyond All Reason (cvsweb github mirror)


Recoil is a battle tested open-source RTS engine, successor of Spring. It is
designed, in its basis, to be able to run the content of the game Total
Annihilation and deliver a similar, but improved, gaming experience. Games can
be intense and very large scaled, with fight of, literally, hundreds of units
and the mods allow very wide arrays of different strategies and tactics. Some
of the games powered by Recoil: Beyond All Reason, ZeroK, TA Prime and Metal
WWW: https://beyond-all-reason.github.io/spring/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD


${PKGSTEM} needs datasize of at least 4-6G to launch, see login.conf(5) and

Installing Engines

Different engines are built with ${PKGSTEM}. ${PKGSTEM} itself only provides
the building blocks, so in order to run anything, you need to add an engine.
The best known and best supported engines for ${PKGSTEM} are Zero-K and
Beyond All Reason. For example, install Zero-K this way:

	$ pr-downloader zk:stable

And Beyond All Reason:

	$ pr-downloader byar:stable

It will then show up as an engine that can be selected in the ${PKGSTEM} GUI.

Setting up Lobbies

Running ${PKGSTEM} without a lobby set up will allow testing of maps, engines,
and settings. To add a lobby, you need to download it and then launch it with:

	1. use `--menu ' argument to spring, or

Installing Lobbies

To install Chobby lobby, run the following:

	$ pr-downloader chobby:stable	# latest stable version
	$ pr-downloader chobby:test	# latest test version

Then launch it for example with:

	$ spring --menu 'rapid://chobby:test'

Or set it as the default by adding `DefaultLuaMenu =  ' to

Installing Maps

Maps can be installed in one of three ways: via the lobby interface, with
pr-downloader, or by manually downloading the map and placing it in
~/.spring/maps/. Repositories for maps (subject to change) can for example be
found at:



If ${PKGSTEM} fails to launch, you can try the flag `-safemode'.


Thomas Frohwein

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