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mvdsv-0.36 – QuakeWorld server (cvsweb github mirror)


MVDSV (MultiView Demo SerVer) is a Quakeworld server that not only
offers a multiplayer environment, but also allows to record demos from
every player's point of view as well as providing different game modes.

You will need to purchase the original Quake 1 game to use this package.
WWW: https://mvdsv.quake.se/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

To run the Quakeworld server you need the original Quake 1 data files
(must be purchased with the game):

1) Create a 'quake' directory somewhere
2) Create a 'qw' directory underneath the quake directory
3) Copy the following examples files into 'qw' directory:
  - ${PREFIX}/share/examples/mvdsv/qwprogs.dat
  - ${PREFIX}/share/examples/mvdsv/server.cfg
4) Place pak0.pak and pak1.pak (from the Quake 1 data files)
   in the qw directory.
   If files are uppercase, they must be renamed to lowercase.
5) Edit the server.cfg in the qw directory to suit your needs
6) cd up to the parent directory ('quake')
7) Run the server with: mvdsv -game qw +exec server.cfg

(Note: qwprogs.dat is freely downloadable and under GPLv2 license)


Tom Murphy



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