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fs2open-23.2.1 – open source game engine based on FreeSpace 2 (cvsweb github mirror)


The FreeSpace 2 Source Code Project is the project of a group of
programmers currently maintaining and enhancing the game engine for the
space combat simulator FreeSpace 2, developed by Volition. The source
code was released in 2002, and is used by several projects. Most
prominent among these are games based on the Babylon 5 and 2004
Battlestar Galactica universes.
WWW: https://github.com/scp-fs2open/fs2open.github.com


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD

Game Files

In order to play FreeSpace 2, you need to purchase the original game
and move its files to ~/.local/share/fs2open.

First, locate the folder with the FreeSpace2.exe executable. For the
gog.com version, this would be the 'app' subfolder which contains
several files, including the FreeSpace2.exe, Root_fs2.vp, and data
subfolder(s). (note that port innoextract can unpack gog.com Windows
installers.) Then copy or move all files and folders to


In order to get cutscenes to work (ten .mve or .MVE files), they need
to be in the data/movies directory. With the gog.com version, you can
find these files somewhere in the data2 and data3 directories. You may
need to create the data/movies directory yourself if it doesn't exist.

(fs2open does not support AVI versions of the cutscenes.)


In order to run mods, create a folder for each mod in
~/.local/share/fs2open and call fs2open like this:

$ fs2open -mod 

Cursor Dyssynchrony

If mouse position doesn't match activity in the game (i.e. you need
over a different screen position than the button to activate the
button), try running the game windowed with set resolution, e.g.:

$ fs2open -window -res 1600x900


Thomas Frohwein

Distribution forbidden on ftp

no license at all

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aarch64 amd64 i386


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