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dangerdeep- – WWII German submarine simulator (cvsweb github mirror)


Danger from the Deep (also known as dangerdeep) is a free, open source
World War II German submarine simulator with advanced sound and graphics,
multilanguage support, and multiplatform support. This game is planned as
tactical simulation and will be as realistic as the developers' time and
knowledge of physics allows.
WWW: https://dangerdeep.sourceforge.net/


| Running ${PKGSTEM} on OpenBSD


F1      Gauges
F2      Periscope
F3      UZO
F4      Bridge
F5      Map
F6      Torpedo loading control
F7      Damage control
F8      Log book
F9      Success records
F10     Free view

Cursor keys     Rudder left/right/up/down
Cursor k.+shift Turn faster
Return          Center rudders
1,2,3,4,5,6     Throttle slow,half,full,flank,stop,reverse
SHIFT 1...6     Fire torpedo in tube 1...6 (bow/stern tube number position
                relation depends on sub type: as first all bow tubes are
                enumerated, then the stern tubes)
Space           Select target
0 (zero)        Scope up/down
c               Crash dive (to 150 meters)
d               Snorkel depth
f               Snorkel up/down
h               Set heading to view
i               identify target
p               Periscope depth
s               Surface
t               Fire torpedo (automatic selection of bow/stern tubes)
g + SHIFT       Man/unman deck gun
g               Fire deck gun
v               Set view to heading
z               Zoom view (glasses, bridge and periscope view)
+ -             Zoom/unzoom map
, .             turn view
; :             turn view fast
F11/F12         time scale faster/slower
Pause           (Un)pause game
ESC             quit
PRINT           Take screenshot (uncompressed ppm)

Numpad 8,4,6,2,1,3      step forward/left/right/backward/up/down in freeview


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