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p5-Class-InsideOut-1.14p0 – alternative object layout in perl (cvsweb github mirror)


Traditional perl objects use simple hashes to store values.
There's a recent trend towards an inside-out construction,
where one uses unique ids on objects, and stores one named
value for all objects into an hash indexed by ids.

Class::InsideOut is a simple, safe and streamlined toolkit for 
building inside-out objects. Unlike most other inside-out object 
building modules already on CPAN, this module aims for 
minimalism and robustness:

*   Does not require derived classes to subclass it

*   Uses no source filters, attributes or "CHECK" blocks

*   Supports any underlying object type including black-box inheritance

*   Does not leak memory on object destruction

*   Overloading-safe

*   Thread-safe for Perl 5.8 or better

*   "mod_perl" compatible

*   Makes no assumption about inheritance or initializer needs
WWW: https://metacpan.org/release/Class-InsideOut


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